We have been developing a lot of order-made programs in the Applied Technologies field, the artificial intelligence field, the computer graphic field and so on with using many computer languages freely,mainly in Java, C, C++, Prolog, GHC, FORTRAN, VRML and BASIC, since we established our company. And on the other hand we have been developing and distributing some original package programs successively as mentioned at followes. Our every staffs have each talent abilities, for example, a staff concentrates to develop the diffcult programs, a staff is good skill at translating English to Japanese, a staff is entrying very fastly text data or CG data and so on.

We, Apollo Software Corp., make our following three mottoes;

 1. to do justicely as human-being
 2. to challenge always to new technologies, new categories and new objects
 3. to help each other and to complement each other

                            Officers President
                              Makoto Nishimura